Library Board

The Blackfoot Public Library is governed by a 10 member Board.  There are 5 members from the City and 5 members from the Blackfoot Rural Library District who come together to create a combined Library Board.

The City Board Members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council of Blackfoot and serve a 5 year term.  The Rural Library District Board Members are elected officials who live within the library district.  Each District Board Member is elected for a term of six years, with elections taking place in May in odd years.  All Board Members serve without pay.

The Board meets on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm., unless otherwise posted.  The public input is always welcomed at Board Meetings. If you have items for the agenda, please call the Director at the library 208-785-8628.

The current Library Board Members, contact info, and term of expiration, are:


Blackfoot City Library Board:

Margaret Peterson    208-403-3174  / [email protected]         Dec. 2020

Lucien Frederick        208-785-7329 / [email protected]                    Dec. 2021

Janine Shigihara        208-681-5919 / [email protected]                Dec. 2022

Al Monson                   208-785-4308 / [email protected]                  Dec. 2023

Melissa Mercado        208-643-0697 / [email protected]         Dec. 2024

Blackfoot Rural Library District Board:

Seat 1:  Sheena Field     208-242-9231 / [email protected]            May 2025

Seat 2:  Tirsa Myler       208-785-4184 / [email protected]               May 2021

Seat 3:  Maureen Gordon  208-680-5083 / [email protected]          May 2021

Seat 4:  Kathleen Pressler-Hall   208-785-1705 / [email protected]  May 2023

Seat 5:  Linzy Allen     208-244-2954 / [email protected]                   May 2025


Currently the Chair for the City Board is Melissa Mercado.  The Vice Chair is Al Monson.

Chair for the District Board is Kathleen Pressler-Hall.  The Vice Chair is Maureen Gordon  The Treasurer for the District Board is Sheena Field.