Library Board

The Blackfoot Public Library is governed by a 10 member Board.  There are 5 members from the City and 5 members from the Blackfoot Rural Library District who come together to create a combined Library Board.

The City Board Members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council of Blackfoot and serve a 5 year term.  The Rural Library District Board Members are elected officials who live within the library district.  Each District Board Member is elected for a term of six years, with elections taking place in May in odd years.  All Board Members serve without pay.

The Board meets on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm., unless otherwise posted.  The public input is always welcomed at Board Meetings. If you have items for the agenda, please call the Director at the library 208-785-8628.

The current Library Board Members, contact info, and term of expiration, are:

Blackfoot City Library Board:

Margaret Peterson            208-403-3174  / [email protected]              Dec. 2015

Lucien Frederick               208-785-7329 / [email protected]                          Dec. 2016

Janine Shigihara                208-681-5919 / [email protected]                     Dec. 2017

Tiffany Leavitt                    208-220-1230 / [email protected]              Dec. 2018

Melissa Mercado                208-643-0697 / [email protected]             Dec. 2019

Blackfoot Rural Library District Board:

Seat 1:  Sheena Field          208-242-9231 /[email protected]                  May 2019      

Seat 2:  Tirsa Myler            208-785-4184 / [email protected]                   May 2021

Seat 3:  Maureen Gordon  208-680-5083 / [email protected]                    May 2021   

Seat 4:  Kathleen Pressler-Hall   208-785-1705 / [email protected]    May 2017

Seat 5:  Sara Staub               208-785-2395/ [email protected]                     May 2019

Currently the Chair for the City Board is Margaret Peterson.  The Vice Chair is Melissa Mercado.

Chair for the District Board is Sara Staub.  The Vice Chair is Maureen Gordon  The Treasuer for the District Board is Rod Lilya.

















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